Part 5 – Switches and Relays

Part 5 built on what we started in part 4 adding control of the output using switches and relays.  We started the lab by putting a simple switch into our LED configuration. Then we moved on to a more complicated 3 way switch setup, funny considering I had just installed 6 of these in my hope. It was awesome to understand how they worked.


The next part of the lab had us wiring a relay, which uses separate power source to turn on the LED, and a switch to make two LED’s blink based on the position of a SPST push button switch as shown in the video below.
Finally we put a capacitor in place and changed the wiring to allow the capacitor to charge and discharge creating a circuit that made the two LED’s look like they were flashing.

Note: because the mechanical switch time of the switch and the capacitor charge time were very different one of the LED’s appeared brighter than the other.

Part 5 complete!

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