Part 4 – Schematics, Ohm’s Law and Potentiometers

Part 4 is where we started to get into more complicated circuits. The first part of the lab laid out some of the notation used to communicate these circuits. First, we tested the circuit we built from part 3 with a different wiring, which didn’t work. Next we moved on to testing LED brightness using different resistors. Which one was brightest, the with the least resistance of course, the 100ohm.


Next we moved on to learning about the data sheets that come with some components like an LED. Next, we began changing our circuit from multiple resistors to testing brightness using a potentiometer (variable resistance/resistance splitter) which gave the results shown in the video below.
The last part of Lab 4 was taking inventory of the robot we will use for the last part of the class.
Lab 4 complete!

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