Part 3 – Using a Multimeter

Part 3 started with the basics of using a multimeter. This lab included usage that related to the project that we were doing including resistance, continuity and voltage measurements.  The lab started by setting the multimeter to the continuity selection and then testing the continuity of the board we were using in part 1.




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Once we were finished checking continuity across a few connections then were tried testing voltage of some items including DC voltage of batteries and the power supply we created earlier as well as AC voltage from the wall outlet we would be using. You can see from the picture below I picked a pretty used up 9v battery that only registered 7.46v. I also measure the voltage of my power supply and the AC voltage coming from the wall outlet.
The final component of the lab was to test the resistance of various resistors.
Next we moved on to testing additional resistor types like Potentiometers, Light Dependent Resistors (LDR’s), Pressure and temperature dependent resistors.
Part 3 complete!


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