Part 1 – Intro to Soldering and Building Power Supply

This is the first post for my Mt. Sac class Electronics 10 Mechatronics. In this lab we got to play a bit with some of the basics of electronics.

The lab is divided into two sections, learning how to solder (which I’ve done a lot of in the past, even though you can’t tell from the quality I exhibit below), and then applying that soldering technique to building the power supply I will use for the remainder of the class.

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New Job, A year of hard work, welcome Orange Studios US

I left Microsoft a little over a year ago for an opportunity to lead an awesome consulting company as the COO of Exsilio Solutions.  The last year has been an awesome whirlwind filled with rapid growth and some opportunities to get better. One of the opportunities to get better presented itself very early on in this journey. Since the beginning I’ve been very quiet about the opportunity, now it’s time for the grand opening of our awesome new co-working space, Orange Studios US in Redmond, WA this Friday 1/30/2015 from 4pm to 6pm! Continue reading “New Job, A year of hard work, welcome Orange Studios US”

Microsoft is showcasing Windows Store Apps built by the community…

Microsoft has started showcasing applications built by the community on some very influential blogs as well as other Microsoft owned properties.  Take a look at some of the applications that Microsoft is showcasing right now below. If you have built and application please contact your local evangelist about opportunities for showcasing your great work.  If you haven’t built an application yet, now would be a great time to get started.  Click HERE to start building application for FREE right now.

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Super Smart Microsoft Technologists in the Western US

While this may not be one of the deepest posts you’ve ever seen, it could be one of the most useful.  My team consists of some of the smartest most Microsoft tech savvy people you could ever meet AND they want to meet with you!  They have blogs, they tweet and they hold office hours that you can schedule with them.  If you’re in the western USA they probably are in an office close to you OR visit your city at least a couple times a year.  If you ever have any questions about the Microsoft platform for developers or infrastructure, reach out to your local evangelist and they will point you in the right direction.

Find them here:


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Lots of new technologies, no time to test? Do a virtual lab…

Microsoft Virtual Labs for both Developers and IT Pros have been around for a very long time, they are a hidden gem to ramping up on new technologies.   With Windows 8, Windows Phone, Azure, Windows Server 2012 and all of the other new technologies hitting the market this year, who has the time to setup, configure and test it all.  That’s where virtual labs come in, you log in, follow the instructions and learn the new technology.  No fuss, no muss, just get in there and explore.  To find the virtual labs specifically designed for developers you go here:

We can’t leave the infrastructure behind and the virtual labs team definitely hasn’t.  With labs targeted at Windows Server, System Center, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Forefront Security, Microsoft Lync server and others, there are lots of vlabs available to learn the infrastructure side of the technology.  You can find the IT vlabs here:

In addition to the vlabs, for Windows 8 and Windows Phone specifically we have setup a site that helps you walk through getting up to speed with development that should fit your already busy schedule.  Once you get setup on the Genapps site, you get a roadmap for learning that will get you up to speed in 30 days, access to help and overall some great learning content.

Finally, If you have made the jump to WIndows8 and want to see some sample code, here are some of the samples that have been built for WIndows 8:

If something is missing or you would like to see some additional content (documentation, samples, videos, etc…) please just leave me a comment.


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Cool document on porting your web site to Windows8 Metro Style

Take a look at this great little document on migrating your web-site to Windows8 Metro style.  The document shows a cool side by side of a web site and what it should look like and how it would work with Windows Metro Style.

Design case study: Website to Metro style app

Let me know what you think of this document and when you’ll be ready to develop your own Metro Style app.


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FREE Windows Server 8 Beta Download and System Center 2012

There is a lot of buzz around the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and the new Metro style application environment.  The other aspect of the next release of Windows is the server component that also has new capabilities.  There are a host of new  IIS enhancements that make it easier to manage your web applications.  Also, Hyper-V now has an extensible switch that is ripe for developers who want to create add-ons.  If you haven’ t had a chance to explore the next release of Windows Server, please take a moment to download and install the FREE Windows Server 2012 Beta now.  If you would prefer to have a preinstalled VHD, you can also download that from the download site.  My team mate, Harold Wong recently wrote a blog post with steps needed to take that VHD and configure your system to boot from it without having to install or repartition your hard drive giving you a no touch way to check it out.

Check out PC Magazines article on 10 Killer new features of Windows Server 8.

Most developers are probably aware of Windows Azure and the benefits offered by a Platform as a Service public cloud offering.  As environments mature, more and more organizations are exploring hybrid cloud solutions.  There are definite benefits that a private cloud offers that may not be available in a public cloud offering.  Would you like to use a self-service portal to request a fully configured development environment that can be deployed quickly without any intervention from you?  Would you like to have insight into how your application is running during QA with direct integration with Visual Studio?  This is absolutely possible with System Center 2012!  I would encourage you to work with your IT folks to explore the Microsoft Private Cloud offering and how it can also be used to seamlessly manage an Azure environment using App Controller in addition to the afore mentioned items.  Download the evaluation bits for System Center 2012 today.


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Great resources for getting started with Windows 8 Application Development

One of my colleagues Jeremy Foster created a blog post with some GREAT resources like Metro Tiles, Visual Studio Add-In, and Art Tools.  Check it out if you are trying to ramp up on Windows 8 Development.


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Short Windows8 Developer events at the Microsoft Store’s in SoCal and Phoenix

During the end of May and June in 2012, Michael Palermo and Alice Pang will be hosting Windows 8 developer events at the Microsoft Stores in SoCal and Phoenix for an exciting evening of development with Windows 8.  What better way to wind down from work than learning about developing on Windows 8?

Check them out here:


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FREE VIP Windows8 Developer Event – 4/23/2012 – Club Nokia @ LA Live…

Windows reimagined.

Learn everything you need to start building Metro-style apps for Windows at our VIP free full-day Windows Developer Event.

Learn about the Windows Store and what you need to do to be considered for early access to the store long before it opens to regular developers!  Also learn how to use Visual Studio to code fast, fluid, immersive and beautiful Metro-style applications in HTML5/JavaScript, XAML/C# and C/C++. Your investments in these languages carry forward, making Windows a no-compromise platform for developers.

Whatever language you choose, your app gets deep integration with the Windows shell, including notifications, live tiles, deep links, and contracts with other apps. And now you can build once and support all Windows customers, no matter what type of PC they have—from tablets to laptops to convertibles to desktops.

Seating is limited and registration is not guaranteed. Secure your spot today!

Date: April 23, 2012       Time: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Club Nokia @ LA Live, 800 West Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015


Tweet any questions about the event and Windows8 Development at any time #Win8AppDev

Notes – This free event is brought to you by Microsoft. However, you are responsible for booking and funding your own travel and accommodations. Please note that there is limited space available for this event, so be sure to register early.


Can’t make it to Los Angeles?  Attend the Livestream from 9amPST to 5pmPST!

Watch live streaming video from microsoftdevelopers at


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Conspiracy Theory #1–Why you can never find a lost cell phone.

Why is it the cell phone companies are always unable to help me find my phone when I lose it? It can’t have to do with privacy, that’s a lie, because it’s my phone with my account that has my data on it so privacy laws do not restrict me authorizing anyone to find my own property. It can’t be that they can’t find it because in an emergency they can find my phone very quickly, if I get kidnapped or in an accident or call 911 they can pinpoint me and my phone within a very small distance . It can’t be because the technology doesn’t exist either because if, for example, I lose my Windows Phone, I can go to “find my phone” at and locate it within 30 seconds (just another reason to have a windows phone).

So why can’t cell phone carriers help me locate my phone and instead are only capable of saying, sorry, which new phone would you like to pay full price for to replace your old phone. Now I remember, cell phone companies are unethical and use you losing your phone as an upsell/profit opportunity. It’s not that they CAN’T find your phone, it’s that they WON’T find your phone.

Do yourself a favor and buy a phone, it doesn’t have to be a Windows Phone, but buy a phone that YOU can locate over the internet if you lose it and make learning how to locate it quickly one of the first things you learn how to do on your phone. If you how to do it quickly before the battery dies right when you realize it’s missing, you will never have to depend on the call carriers and their unethical practices again.

In the meantime, someone should start a petition to the FCC requiring all carriers to provide online phone locating tools for all subscribers.

If you do happen to have a Windows Phone, here is a 4 minute video by my colleague Daniel Egan on how to locate your Windows Phone.


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Please vote for the Microsoft Imagine Cup Peoples Choice awards!

The students in the Microsoft Imagine Cup team with the most votes in the peoples choice awards will win a an all-expense paid trip to Sydney, Australia for the Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals this July!   Additionally, anyone who votes will be entered for a chance to win weekly prizes including Acer ultrabooks, GAEMS Xbox bundles, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and more (See rules here!)!

Check out all of the teams here:

Action: 3 Ways to Vote

clip_image001 Facebook

Visit and click ‘vote’ on your favorite team

clip_image002 Twitter

“@mstechstudent I am voting for #<TEAMNAME> in #ICPeoplesChoice. Rules:

clip_image003 SMS

Text your favorite team name’s code (listed on their team page) to 45444.

Remember, you can vote every day, on each platform, for each of the teams!

Good luck to ALL of the teams, it’s an honor to be in peoples choice!


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Hiring an IT Pro Evangelist in the San Francisco Bay Area

I am still currently recruiting for the IT Pro Evangelist role in the San Francisco bay area and have been since December 2011.  We are still taking resume’s and will likely take resume’s until at least the end of April 2012 before scheduling any in person interviews.  The process for this role is going to be a little slower than others.  The information on the role is at the bottom of this post.

If you are interested in the role, check it out here.

I have also written a little job faq that you can view here.

Did you know that Microsoft has been names the Worlds #1 Workplace?  Check it out by clicking on the image below.

IT PRO Evangelist

Job Category: Sales
Location: United States, CA, Mountain View
Job ID: 78290772965
Division: Sales

IT Professional Evangelist Job Description
Are you an experienced IT Professional with a broad skill set in deploying, monitoring, troubleshooting, managing and supporting Microsoft and non-Microsoft infrastructure solutions? Have you been paying attention to the current trends around cloud computing – public, private, hybrid? Do you love technology? Do you find opportunities to share your technical knowledge with others?
If you are a strong technical talent with experience and a passion for the Microsoft core technologies, we want to meet you!
The IT Professional Evangelist (ITE) is a member of the Audience Evangelism Team in Microsoft’s West Region Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) group tasked with driving IT professional satisfaction and platform adoption through online (blogs, webcasts, etc…) and in-person activities (events, user groups, customer engagements) in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this hands on technical role, your core mission will be leading Microsoft customers to understand how to take advantage of existing and new virtualization solutions and how to successfully transform businesses by deploying solutions in Microsoft private, public and hybrid clouds. You will also help your fellow IT professionals understand how to take advantage of innovative Microsoft management solutions spanning from on-premise to the cloud.
This is a highly technical role focused on Microsoft core infrastructure technologies such as: Windows Server 2008 R2, System Center, Microsoft’s private cloud, Hyper-V and Virtualization technologies, SQL Server 2012, Windows 7 and other emerging core infrastructure technologies such as Windows 8. The ITE leads by example and invests heavily in cultivating productive, influential partners and community leaders.
Key responsibilities of the role are:
• Drive satisfaction with Microsoft, Microsoft tools and Microsoft platform technologies
• Drive adoption of next generation virtualization technologies, Windows client platform and private cloud adoption
• Lead Microsoft-driven events such as TechNet Events and product launches
• Engage the broad IT professional community in partnership with community leaders
• Engage with the broad IT professional audience through online channels
Qualifications include:
7+ years of experience with Microsoft core infrastructure products (Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange, Lync, SQL, etc.), experience delivering outstanding presentations to audiences of various sizes, and persuasive communication skills is required. Passion for and knowledge of current and future technology with solid knowledge of enterprise global IT requirements and competitive offerings required. Strong candidates will have deep involvement with the Microsoft IT professional community either as an MVP, User Group Leader, or influential blogger. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business information systems or computer science preferred. Recent Microsoft Certifications (MCTS, MCITP, MCSE, MCT, MCM, MCA), A broad familiarity with recent Microsoft technologies including Windows Server 2008 R2, System Center, Hyper-V and Virtualization technologies, Windows 7, etc. is a plus. Moderate travel (20-30%) is anticipated. Preferred location is San Francisco, CA.


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Photos of new Microsoft Surface units on 3/21/2012

I was recently at the Microsoft office in Irvine, CA and noticed there is a new Microsoft Surface unit in the lobby.  You should pop over to the office and take a look at the unit, it is such a better piece of hardware and furniture compared to Surface1.  I want to build a bar around these units they are so cool.

The Microsoft Irvine office is located at:  3 Park Plaza, Suite 1600, Irvine, CA  92614   949-263-3000

If you are interested in getting applications developed for the Microsoft Surface, let me know.  There are some great partners who have already innovated that I can hook you up with.

More info on the main site about Microsoft Surface:


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Good times @ DevCamp 3/30/2012!!!

After a short emergency trip to the eye doctor last Friday I got to attend a little bit of our DevCamp @ USC.  We had a really good showing across all of the technologies we were presenting including HTML5 (Over 100), Windows Phone (Over 50) and Cloud (Over 50).  Based on our numbers, it seemed like students were a lot more interested in Phone than HTML5 or Cloud, go figure as that is where there is money to be made.

Here is a picture library of the event, enjoy!


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CloudCamp coming to Los Angeles 4/11/2012!

This is for my Los Angeles readers!

There is a small technology agnostic cloud event happening on 4/13/2012 called CloudCamp Los Angeles.  If you are interested in the cloud and have a little time you should register and join.  Bret Stateham from Microsoft will be presenting on Azure.




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FREE! Microsoft Developer Camps coming to Western USA!



Seating is limited, so register today.
For more details or to register,
choose an event/city below. clip_image003
Developer Camps (DevCamps for short) are free, fun, no-fluff events for developers, by developers. You learn from experts in a low-key, interactive way and then get hands-on time to apply what you’ve learned. Check out the four different DevCamps currently being offered and register today!
clip_image005Los Angeles, CA clip_image005[1]Mar. 30
clip_image005[2]Irvine, CA clip_image005[3]Apr. 20
clip_image005[4]Redmond, WA clip_image005[5]Apr. 27
clip_image005[6]Denver, CO clip_image005[7]May 18
clip_image005[8]Phoenix, AZ clip_image005[9]May 25

Events run from
8:45AM – 5:30PM

clip_image006 clip_image007 clip_image008 Take your apps to the next level at the Windows Phone Dev Camp. We’ll be covering how to bring the cloud to your app by consuming external APIs, add UX polish with Expression Blend, reach new markets through globalization and localization, and keep your app running at peak performance through advanced debugging and testing. In the afternoon, we’ll break into labs to reinforce what we covered, and offer a chance to present your application for a chance to win in our application competition. clip_image009
clip_image005[10]Los Angeles, CA clip_image005[11]Mar. 30
clip_image005[12]Irvine, CA clip_image005[13]Apr. 20
clip_image005[14]Redmond, WA clip_image005[15]Apr. 27
clip_image005[16]Denver, CO clip_image005[17]May 18
clip_image005[18]Phoenix, AZ clip_image005[19]May 25

Events run from
9:00AM – 5:00PM

clip_image006[1] clip_image007[1] clip_image010 Join us to learn about the exciting new Windows Azure developer platform! Windows Azure will open up a host of new application and multi-screen development opportunities, and this briefing will give you a jumpstart in understanding how to take advantage of them. clip_image009[1]
clip_image005[20]Los Angeles, CA clip_image005[21]Mar. 30
clip_image005[22]Irvine, CA clip_image005[23]Apr. 20
clip_image005[24]Redmond, WA clip_image005[25]Apr. 27
clip_image005[26]Denver, CO clip_image005[27]May 18
clip_image005[28]Phoenix, AZ clip_image005[29]May 25

Events run from
8:45AM – 5:30PM

clip_image006[2] clip_image007[2] clip_image011 As developers, you keep hearing a lot about HTML5, but many don’t know what it actually means or is truly capable of. If you want to learn about it, your choices are limited. The HTML5 Web Camp is an opportunity to connect with designers and developers and show you what’s possible, and how you can start using it today. Space is limited. clip_image009[2]
clip_image005[30]Los Angeles, CA clip_image005[31]Mar. 29
clip_image005[32]Irvine, CA clip_image005[33]Apr. 19
clip_image005[34]Denver, CO clip_image005[35]May 17

Events run from
5:00PM – 9:00PM

clip_image006[3] clip_image007[3] clip_image012 If you’re a student, interested in attending DevCamp (Phone Camp, particularly), we’d love to have you join us for a night of preparation and pizza! We want to be sure you have all the tools you need to be successful with the professional developer community. clip_image009[3]
Connect with us
For more information
Click here or to register by phone, call 1-877-MSEVENT.



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A long hard road back…

At long last I’ve got my blog up and running again.  Because of all the blog spammers out there and a little configuration issue with my blog, I had over 182,000 spam blog entry comments.  They are all gone now and my blog is up and running again.  FINALLY!



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Microsoft Hiring Developer Evangelists in Los Angeles and Seattle

<Update:  We’ve hired for all these positions>

We’re hiring again!

We currently have two developer evangelist positions open, one in Los Angeles and the other in Seattle.

Find out more about the Seattle Job here:

Find out more about the Los Angeles job here:

Let me know if you have any questions about either of the jobs.  They aren’t on my team, but they are still fun jobs!  Winking smile

Part of the job description:

The Developer Evangelist position is a technical role with the mission of engaging the broad community of developers in the Southern California area and driving excitement around developer tools and platform technologies. The successful candidate will have an established reputation within the region for significant technical achievement, superior presentation skills, effective and visible community participation, and a strong command of online and social networking tools. This position will report to the US West Region DPE Audience Director.

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Microsoft is hiring an Audience Marketing Manager in the Silicon Valley.

Microsoft is hiring an Audience Marketing Manager specifically to work with my team increasing the satisfaction and adoption of Developers, IT Pro’s, Students and Faculty in the Western US.  For more information check out the job link:   Let me know if you have any questions.


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Cloud Computing with Microsoft – Azure Firestarter Tomorrow

I’m pretty excited that we are putting on a full day about the Microsoft cloud computing platform, Azure.  Since many, many people still don’t know how to get started, we will spend the day getting you setup with some good resources and information for you to be successful with the Microsoft cloud platform, what we call Azure.

Check it out here:


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It’s been three years since my mom passed away.

This month is the three year anniversary of my moms passing.  I miss her every day and still think about her all the time.   Since she passed away I’ve reflected on a lot of things, I recognize now that she was the single person responsible for who I am today and anything I accomplish I can really link back to the lessons that she taught me.  She didn’t teach me lessons like a teacher would, instead she taught me by how she lived her life.  In modern terms, she modeled the way.


Some of the things that really stick out for me are:

  • She never thought of anything as a challenge, just more tasks that need to be completed.  In my entire life, I can never remember her seriously complaining about any wrong that was done to her, any task that she shouldn’t have to do, any project that she wasn’t up for or really anything that would stand in her way.  Problems were things other people had.
  • She treated everyone with respect.  It really didn’t matter if you were a bottle washer or a CEO, she treated you with the same amount of respect and dignity.  She never thought that any job was less important than any other and had praise for a job completed well, no matter what that job was.  I wish there was more of that kind of appreciation today and much less of the self importance I see everywhere.
  • She didn’t stop working until the job was done.  When there was a task to complete, she would get the task done no matter how long it took.  It would pain her if things were late or she didn’t deliver the quality that she expected of herself.
  • Sometimes you couldn’t tell, but she always tried to put a little humor or fun into everything.  Not a story teller or jokester, but a quick wit that could bring you to tears.  Besides the wit, there really wasn’t an activity that she wouldn’t try.  Dress up and sing along, sure.  Wear a crazy Halloween costume, why not.  There weren’t really any activities that she wouldn’t try, especially if there were laughs involved.
  • She would do anything for her Darren.  Any opportunity she could get to spend time with him, she would take it.  She would light up whenever he came in the room and immediately drop everything and make him the center of attention.  Pick him up from school, take him to practice, listen to him play those crazy loud drums. help with homework, and of course the numerous trips, sometimes two in a day, to McDonalds.  (I think we are going to celebrate at McDonalds in her memory tonight)
  • She valued her friendships, I can remember her saying, “I haven’t talked to <insert many names here>, I better call her.”  She always made a point of connecting with the important people in her life, no matter how busy she was.  This is something I really need to get better at.
  • She loved to drive.  Even in the last year of her life, she made the drive from La Verne to Tahoe and back.  Sometimes by herself!  Recently Darren recounted to me how “slow” I drove compared to grandma.  For those of you that have driven with me, that’s saying something.
  • Norway/Sons of Norway ( –  As an American of Norwegian heritage, she just loved the ritual, pomp and circumstance of the SOFN.  For 30 years it was probably the biggest activity she had outside of work.  When she retired some time back she really devoted herself full time to participating, leading and promoting the organization.  I just went to one of their annual meetings a couple of weeks back and you could really see the love an appreciation from the members who knew, worked and played with my mom.


There are some other small pieces of context that you may not know.

  • My mother raised me, completely by herself, from about the age of four.   Being a single mother in the 60’s and 70’s couldn’t have been fun but your never would have known it.  I felt like we were rich the entire time and there really wasn’t ever anything I needed that I didn’t get.  I know now that it really was a heroic effort on her part and she devoted so much of herself, energy and time, to make sure my life was good.  It definitely was.
  • While I do have an older brother, 12 years older than me to be exact, he was already out of the house when I was growing up.
  • My dad only provided spotty financial help while I was growing up, even so, my mother never had a bad thing to say about him and never hesitated to send me off to see him over the summer, even though….
  • My dad basically kidnapped me when I was four, taking me on greyhound busses to the mid-west, Kansas and Iowa, where he hid me with family in those areas.  I remember the bus trip, but not much else.  The way the story was recounted to me by both them, one day my dad quit his job, sold everything and took off while my mom was at work,  I guess being an Iowa farm boy he had enough with the big city.  My mom got the money together and she and my grandma went to the mid-west to find me.  She never gave up and eventually after some time (can’t remember how long) found me.   After some trips to the local court house with her lawyer, she brought me back to Southern California.  He left her with no money, a mortgage and car and she had to fend for herself.  Again, even through all of this, she NEVER had a bad thing to say about him.
  • My entire life, I have never lived more than 10 miles from my mother.  Even through college, getting married, buying houses, she always found a way to stay close.  I never really appreciated having that “safety net” of love and support until after she was gone.  That’s probably the thing I miss the most, dropping by when things are especially tough and getting that reassuring support that I’d handle it.


Some of the things that I miss the most.

  • Watching her and Darren color Easter eggs.  I think Darren did this every year from the time he was three.
  • The entire time from her birthday in late November through Christmas.  I commented for the first couple of years after she passed away that my mom OWNED this time of year.  From incorporating Norwegian food into the menu, to making sure that Darren had Christmas stockings full of goodies, Thanksgiving meals, Christmas Eve/Day, this was by far her favorite time of the year and one I looked forward to every year.
  • See her light up when she was with Darren and seeing how much Darren loved his Grandma.
  • Watching her perform behind the podium at SOFN.  It was so funny to watch because she was 4’11” and the podium was about the same height.  Most of the time all you could see was the top of her head but you always knew it was her.
  • Knowing that if something came up she would always find a way to help.  Running late, forgot to get something, need something made, no questions asked she would just help.  In this world there are very few people you can depend upon, she was always there for me.

I feel fortunate to have had many opportunities over the last year of her life to let her know how appreciated she was and how much I loved her.  If you took the time to read this, and your parents are still alive, make sure they know how you feel, they could be gone sooner than you think.

clip_image004clip_image005 clip_image006


Microsoft has some cool jobs open in the San Francisco Bay Area and Phoenix, AZ!

I’m in the process of hiring for some really fun field evangelist roles at Microsoft.  I have created a jobs page with a FAQ in case you are interested or know some else who might be looking for a fun technology job.

I’ve been working for Microsoft for over 9 years, came from my own business for 17 years, and can’t think of a better place to work.



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