I had no idea SharePoint could do this…

I love SharePoint, it’s easy to customize, the lists are flexible, it integrates directly into office (especially the calendars into Outlook) but I had no idea is was this community friendly.  Take a look at the “Community Kit for SharePoint” on the http://www.codeplex.com site.  It’s a site template you add to SharePoint to give you community functionality on top of the SharePoint infrastructure.  Super Cool!



Latest http://maps.live.com is so cool…

Check out this post by Tim Heuer about some of the latest functionality just added to the http://maps.live.com  This stuff is absolutely amazing, you have the ability to record a 3D tour of a saved collection and save it as a WMV file.  He demonstrated a simple collection as well as posted it to Silverlight Streaming using a custom Encoder template.

Post: http://timheuer.com/blog/archive/2007/10/29/virtual-earth-3d-recording-windows-live-maps.aspx