2003 Porsche 911 C4S


2003 Porsche 911 C4S

6-Speed Manual
Exterior: Seal Gray (L6B4)
Interior: Black (AH)
Vin: WP0AA29933S622647    121,XXX miles

Extensive Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PSdN3LehgAsjpdOaZU1dKrZQYp1jRAf6?usp=sharing


Options off the option label in the frunk:

  • C02 USA Car
  • XLF Sports Exhaust
  • XRC 18” Sport Techno Wheels
  • XRN 17mm Spacers Rear Wheels
  • 288 Headlamp Washer
  • 342 Seat Heating both seats
  • 601 Litronic (Xenon) Lights
  • 680 Bose Sound System
  • 999 Passenger compartment monitoring sensor for leather colour of choice

The Story:

I purchased the car at a Dallas Copart auction in November 2015. You can see the salvage photos in this folder. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TaDTwhZ8NuH7a6AbTIc16U2E33fCVgAN?usp=sharing

It was a running/driving car when purchased and the pre-auction inspection didn’t turn up anything that wasn’t fixable. We couldn’t tell if the salvage was from a window micro-switch problem that let rain into the car or some other issue that we couldn’t find.  I shipped the car to California and began working on the car. I’ve been working on 996’s for a while including race team support, so I have a pretty good understanding of the platform. I would characterize the car when I got it as unloved and not well maintained. It looked like it had been driven through the mud and never cleaned, needed a lot of little interior parts that were cracked or worn with age as well as some important mechanical items. I spent the end of 2015 through beginning of 2016 ordering and installing new parts and getting it back on the road.

2003 Porsche 911 C4S 996
2003 Porsche 911 C4S 996

By March of 2016 it was ready for the key mechanical items. I trusted the mechanicals to Glenn Yee Motorsports as they have been in the Porsche business for decades and are 996 specialists. The first job was to swap the IMS, which was still in great shape, clutch, flywheel, AOS, RMS and all the assorted consumables. After the car was running great mechanically, I then began replacing worn items over the next couple of years as I encountered them. The car has been a weekend driver for most of the time since and I’ve only put about 13k miles since 2015.

I haven’t driven it much after getting my 996 GT3 and it’s such a great car I don’t want it to sit and waste away. I drove the car to Porsche Palooza in November of 2019, it was about 1,300 miles round trip. I drove the car there, went on drives every day, drove it back, and it was awesome. This C4S is easy to drive, sounds great with the factory PSE, and it a blast to drive without getting you in trouble thanks to the AWD system.

Porsche Palooza Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Tschor3RCLAO58b5B-DVigNj13JAFE4D?usp=sharing

I have PDF’s of all the parts and maintenance while the car was under my care.


The good: Tons of effort making this car right, including.

  • 11/2015
    • Purchased from Copart
    • Underbody panels removed and entire underbody cleaned and inspected
  • 2/2016
    • Many interior pieces replaced with factory new
  • 3/2016
    • LN Engineering IMS @ 107k miles
    • Sachs Clutch @ 107k miles – 3/2016
    • Aasco lightweight flywheel @ 107k miles
    • Oil Change
    • Mechanical inspection done by Glenn Yee Motorsports
  • 5/2016
    • New front tires
    • New rear Porterfield brake pads
    • New rear Brembo rotors
  • 8/2016
    • Rear brake rear lines upgraded to steel
  • 9/2016
    • New rear wheel spacers, factor spacers had micro-cracks from over tightening
  • 11/2016
    • Replaced oil filler neck with factory new
  • 2/2017
    • Short shifter installed
  • 3/2017
    • Suspension diagonals replaced with ECS tuning
    • Sway bar bushings upgraded to poly bushings
  • 6/2017
    • New engine mounts
    • New factory AOS
    • New CSF Passenger Radiator
    • New passenger radiator fan
    • Alignment
    • Oil Change
    • New steering stalk and controls
    • Replace cracked intake boot
  • 7/2017
    • Oil Change
  • 2/2018
    • New headlight bulbs
  • 7/2018
    • New rear tires
    • New cardan shaft flex disk/guibo
    • New cardan shaft boot/cover
    • Front CV’s rebuilt with new boots
  • 2/2019
    • Installed GT2 vent
  • 4/2019
    • Front rotors replaced
    • Front brake pads replaced with Hawk HP+
    • Front brake lines upgraded to steel
    • Passenger window regulator replaced 4/2019
    • Drivers side radiator replaced
    • Drivers side buckle replaced
    • Transmission mount replaced
  • 5/2019
    • Driver window regulator replaced
    • Factory Sport Techno wheels refurbished in hyper gray
  • 10/2019
    • Paint correction, ceramic coat

The Opportunity:

  • Salvage title – Water / Currently titled in Texas
  • Accident on the Carfax. Based on extensive inspections of the car, probably hit in the rear, did not compress the engine compartment, cracked the signature C4S reflector on the right lower part, previous owner just painted over (See pictures).
  • I’ve painted the nose twice, once because it needed it, the second time after I rolled into someone while stopped
  • Nose probably needs to be replaced at some time as I rolled into another car while parked and it has a small crack near the headlight
  • Passenger seat needs a little leather repair
  • Cup holder front panel missing, cup holder works fine

This is the way she looked when I purchased her

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