Free Voice based 800 information Service

We’re all so busy that we sometimes don’t have the time to check out new technology.  However, this time please take a minute and check this one out.  A while back Microsoft bought this great little company TellME.  Today I had a chance to use it and I’m BLOWN AWAY.  Instead of using your cell phone 411 service, try calling 1-800-555-TELL (8355) or send a text message to 83556 (I put in  Sam’s Club in Glendora, CA) or pull up on your mobile device.  You can do a free directory search OR get sports scores OR a host of other things.  Here is a link to some tips for using the service as well:

I now have a TellME contact entry that I can handsfree dial from my car!

Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference.


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I had no idea SharePoint could do this…

I love SharePoint, it’s easy to customize, the lists are flexible, it integrates directly into office (especially the calendars into Outlook) but I had no idea is was this community friendly.  Take a look at the “Community Kit for SharePoint” on the site.  It’s a site template you add to SharePoint to give you community functionality on top of the SharePoint infrastructure.  Super Cool!


Latest is so cool…

Check out this post by Tim Heuer about some of the latest functionality just added to the  This stuff is absolutely amazing, you have the ability to record a 3D tour of a saved collection and save it as a WMV file.  He demonstrated a simple collection as well as posted it to Silverlight Streaming using a custom Encoder template.



One Day Developer Conference in Irvine, CA on November 8, 2007

NuCon 2007!

November 8, 2007
8am – 5pm
Hyatt Regency Irvine

One of our key partners Neudesic in Southern California (and throughout the West) is sponsoring their own developer conference on November 8, 2007 in Irvine, CA.  They are really bringing the big guns for this one day conference.  Presentations will be done by Mickey WIlliams (Neudesic), Chris Rolon (Neudesic), William Salazar (Microsoft) and others.

NuCon will feature what’s Nu and upcoming in 2008!  Topics Include:

Visual Studio 2008:

  • LINQ
  • Silverlight
  • Team Foundation Server

SQL 2008:

  • Enterprise Data Platform
  • Beyond Relational
  • Dynamic Development
  • Pervasive BI

Business Value:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Platform, Not Just Account and Contact Management
  • Implementing an Information Technology Scorecard
  • Business Systems Should Behave More Like a Social Network

Lessons Learned — Affecting Project Success

For more information regarding NuCon, please visit:

Check it out!


(Originally Posted on blog and manually migrated to WordPress on 10/20/2017 for Historical reasons)