Please provide an estimate to finish a concrete garage floor with the following.

  1. Dimensions: 24′ wide x 32′ deep
  2. Garage floor is unfinished and has been used for 18  months.
  3. Garage floor will require cleaning and grinding.
  4. There are some cracks that will need to be addressed.
  5. Garage floor current has PVC trim that is silicon caulked to the floor. The trim should remain in place and be protected during the process. 
  6. The upstairs of the garage is currently completely furnished, with a bathroom on-site, and dust should be kept to a minimum.
  7. Cars with very sticky hot tires will be parked on the surface. The suface must be able to withstand that type of usage.
  8. A small touch-up sample of coating must be left behind with all color details.
    Working cell phone number of contractor will be required.
  9. Terms will be 1/3 upon commencement of work, balance due date of completion.

Surface should look close to the images: