Finance – Outside forces undermining the US Dollar

Several external forces are actively trying to undermine the US dollar (USD) as the worldwide trade currency. These efforts are driven by a combination of economic, geopolitical, and strategic motivations.

Motivations Behind Undermining the USD

  • Sanctions and Geopolitical Strategy: Countries facing US sanctions seek to reduce their vulnerability by decreasing their reliance on the USD.
  • Enhancing Global Influence: Promoting alternative currencies can enhance a country’s or region’s influence in the global economic system.
  • Economic Independence: Reducing dependency on the USD allows countries to have greater control over their monetary and fiscal policies.
  • Diversification and Risk Management: Diversifying away from the USD can help mitigate risks associated with fluctuations in the value of the USD and US economic policies.

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Finance – How might the BRICS initiative impact the US Dollar?

The BRICS initiative, especially with its potential expansion and discussions about creating a common currency, could impact the US dollar (USD) in several ways. Here are some possible impacts:

1. Reduced Demand for USD:

  • Trade Settlements: If BRICS countries start using their own currencies or a new BRICS currency for trade among themselves and with other countries, the global demand for the USD for international trade could decrease.
  • Diversification of Reserves: Central banks might diversify their foreign exchange reserves away from the USD in favor of a BRICS currency or other currencies within the bloc.

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Life Hack – Purchasing big-ticket items

Purchasing Big Ticket Items
A Helpful Guide


This guide will give you some helpful steps to successfully purchase big-ticket items, like cars, boats, houses, etc…. With this guide we’re going to give you a structure to follow when making purchases so that you can have a positive experience, get good value for your money, and spend your money wisely. It’s important to remember, you are not going to have a lot of opportunities in life to buy big-ticket items and doing it right ensures that you are using your hard-earned money wisely while doing it wrong has the potential to waste a large amount of money that it took you a long time to earn. This is going to be more of an analytical approach than an emotional approach. Continue reading “Life Hack – Purchasing big-ticket items”