Part 2 – Introduction to using a breadboard

To start with part 2 goes through an explanation of the breadboard, resistors and LED’s. We then are asked to go and collect the components we learned about as you can see below. A 1k ohm resistor, an LED and our power supply and breadboard.

Once we have the components it’s time to wire them together. Let’s light up the LED. Or in my case I decided to try a few different LED’s with different resistors to see the brightness difference.
Once I got that different resistors working, I then decided to go through the parts inventory and implement the circuit using a variable resistor or potentiometer.

Products from

Here is a video of the potentiometer changing the brightness of the LED.

Finally, here is a picture of both the original wiring of the resistor and the POT wiring running off the same power supply.
Lab 2 complete.

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