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Technology Evangelist Jobs at Microsoft


Microsoft Developer Evangelist in Los Angeles

We currently have the following Developer Technical Evangelist jobs open:

  • Silicon Beach/Los Angeles West Side: Apply here: Windows 8 and/or other emerging technologies.  

More info on jobs below...  

Microsoft has some really fun field technology evangelist jobs open all over the world!

If you are interested in becoming an evangelist at Microsoft, please go to: 
   Select your country.  
   Type in Evangelist in the keywords
   Hit Search




Q: Is there someone I can contact directly about evangelist jobs at Microsoft in the USA?

A: Yes, please send an e-mail to helenax at microsoft dot com

Q: What is a technology evangelist?

A: Wikipedia has a good description here


Q: Do you have any examples of evangelists I can see?

A: Developer Evangelists

Alice Pang -     
Daniel Egan -
Bruno Terkaly -

A: Architect Evangelists

David Chou -

A: IT  Pro Evangelists

Harold Wong -
Chris Avis -

Q: Do you have to live in the geography specified by the job?

A: Yes, Absolutely.  These jobs work with the customers and partners in the local ecosystem and require residence there.

Q: Does Microsoft pay for relocation?

A: For the right candidate Microsoft will pay for relocation, however, these situations are very limited..


Q: Is there travel involved in these jobs?

A: Yes but the amount depends, some more than others.

- Evangelist - San Francisco/Los Angeles: Mostly driving in the local area with night time and weekend community event support.
- Evangelist - Phoenix:  This job would cover Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada.  There will be 7-10 day days a month of travel with occasional overnight stays. Mostly day trips with some nights and weekend community event support.
- Evangelist - Seattle:  Covers WA, OR, AK, ID so day trips 3-4 days a month with occasional overnighters, mostly day trips with some nights and weekend community event support.

Q: OK, so I read the job description, what does it really take to be a successful Microsoft field Technical Evangelist?

A: If you think about the three very well known jobs of Consulting, Marketing and Sales, an evangelist has to be a hybrid of all of these.  You have to be a great technologist with phenomenal communications skills who relentlessly works to grow your following.  The best evangelists I know have the following traits:

- Very, Very technically solid and willing to invest time all the time to get better.  Great evangelists are committed to their craft and understand that it is always changing.  If you are "in love" with a particular technology, technology evangelism in the long run really isn't for you.  TE's are always on the leading edge, so what they knew 12 months ago really doesn't apply today.  While you will have a technical focus area for a period of time, you have to be comfortable enough with change to be able to pickup a new technology when the need arises.
- Able to build a large following.  In this case, a large following is in the tens of thousands of people.  In order for you to successfully evangelize a technology you have to be comfortable with always and relentlessly growing your audiences.  YOU are responsible for growing your following and YOU will need to work on this all the time.
- Have amazing communication skills:  To be a great technology evangelist you have to be able write because you will be blogging, tweeting and authoring.  You have to be able to talk and consult because you will spend a lot of time answering questions.  And most importantly you have to be able to put together and deliver great presentations that you do in person and potentially put on video.
- Be able to "close the sale".  Truly the best evangelists always finish the education with the ability to close the sale.  This means, if you deliver a presentation your audience should go home and use the technology, if you write a blog post people should want to put it in action.  Teachers do education, evangelists actually get people to take action.
- Note:  If you aren't engaged in the local communities, haven't done lots of public presentations and been recorded, don't have a solid following online, aren't blogging regularly and using twitter, you probably aren't going to be a good fit for THIS type of technology evangelist role.  If this type of role DOES  interest you for the future, start doing these things NOW!


Q: What do you look for during the interview process?

A1: Commitment.  Being a technical evangelist requires people to develop skills they may not have in the area of Marketing, Sales or Technology.  We make the interview process challenging because that is an accurate representation of the evangelist role.  I am often surprised that people come to interview without a good knowledge of Microsoft as a company, which can be easily obtained by going to and clicking on the products tab, and what's going on with developers at Microsoft by going to  We expect candidates to know about Microsoft AND the industry at large.  Take some time to read about what's going on in the tech industry, know what Microsoft has been up to lately and come ready to express your opinions in a way that would align with the Microsoft values.  This all seems like pretty simple research, however, most people just don't do it.  The high level point here is that if there isn't commitment to excellence in the interview process by not working hard to prepare, it's hard to imagine that kind of commitment coming later in the role.

A2: Passion:  I typically interview people for technical EVANGELIST roles, the term evangelist at it's core implies that you are passionate about technology.


Q: How do you measure the success of an evangelist?

A: This directly relates to the traits detailed above, typically

- The depth of your technical skill.
- The reach and impact of your evangelism.
- How well you deliver for the business. 








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